International students are satisfied with the University of Oulu’s studies and career support

According to the International Student Barometer survey, the international degree and exchange students and international Ph.D researchers at the University of Oulu have given mainly positive feedback on their studies and the career support they receive. 90 % of respondents are satisfied with the course contents. Students are also increasingly satisfied with career support services.

In general, international students and Ph.D. researchers are satisfied with learning at the University. The points given by the respondents in the learning-themed questions have been steadily increasing within the last few years of the survey results. Over 95 % of respondents are satisfied with the learning technology and laboratories available, and 94 % of respondents are also satisfied with the learning support and tutoring at the University.

Most of the students who answered the survey – 80 % of respondents – are satisfied with employability: they feel that the studies are helping them toward a good job. Students are also fairly satisfied with the career support and counseling they receive. Out of the respondents, 74 % are satisfied with the support helping to produce my CV and helping with job applications, and opportunities to meet employers through careers fairs and networking events. The points given to these attributes have increased by over 25 % from last year’s results. The students also value the fact that they have opportunities for work experience and work placements as a part of their studies.

The employment and career support question module has been a part of the University of Oulu’s ISB survey since 2011.

Life in Oulu is also rated to be good, safe, and high-quality. As much as 99 % of respondents report feeling safe and secure on campuses and 93 % would rate the campus environment as safe. Also, 91 % of respondents say that the quality of accommodation is good.

According to the survey results, the most improvement must be made in the social aspect of the study experience in Oulu. Only 56 % of respondents are satisfied with how they have managed to make Finnish friends in Oulu.

The International Student Barometer 2022 survey was open from 7.11. to 19.12.2022 and it gathered a total of 562 respondents from the University of Oulu. The respondents were originally from 66 different countries. Of the respondents 61 % were degree students, 19 % were exchange students and 20 % were Ph.D. students. The University of Oulu participated in the ISB survey for the eleventh time.

Last updated: 28.4.2023