It is everyone's responsibility to familiarize themselves with safety instructions

All students and persons employed by the university are obliged in their daily activities to exercise appropriate care and consider the safety instructions given by the university. By familiarizing yourself with the safety instructions, you contribute to general safety and can act in unexpected situations.

Access rights (including keys) are personal, and they should not be used to let others pass through access-controlled doors. Lending the key and access control card is strictly prohibited. Forcing doors to stay open is not allowed.

During the opening hours of the buildings, campuses are open to all people. To prevent theft, valuables should not be left in public areas unattended. The number of bicycle thefts is on the rise during the spring, so it is worth paying special attention to locking bikes. According to the property owner’s instructions, it is not allowed to store bicycles indoors at the university.

To prevent fires, charging batteries for electric bicycles and electric scooters on university premises is prohibited due to a possible battery fire. Coffee makers and kettles in other rooms than official break rooms are prohibited.

Instructions for dealing with a threatening situation

If you notice a threatening situation, save yourself, rescue those in immediate danger and warn others if you can. Call 112 and obey the instructions given by the emergency response centre.

Campus guard operate in Linnanmaa 24/7. Local security operates in Kontinkangas on weekdays during office hours. The direct numbers for the guards can be found on the safety website and on the signs located at the service points. It is a good idea to store the guard's number on the phone in case of any disruptions:

  • Linnanmaa service point: 050 596 9846
  • Linnanmaa campus guard 24/7: 050 505 4714
  • Kontinkangas service point: 050 567 1883
  • Security guard 8-16: 050 505 7289

Please notice, that non-urgent safety observations must always be reported forward for their rectification.

In exceptional and disturbing situations, follow the instructions and possible announcements given on campus. If possible, students and staff will be informed about disturbance situation in person by e-mail. In addition to e-mail, students should follow the website and the Tuudo app.

In disturbance situations, the university’s reception services have the possibility to lock the classrooms equipped with electric locks and the campus’s exterior doors.

Safety is done by cooperation. Have a nice and safe spring!

Campus services

Procedures in cases of accident or danger

Last updated: 17.4.2024