Jerry Nguyen, Student of the Year, encourages to ask others how they are doing

Medical student Jerry Nguyen has been awarded University of Oulu’s Student of the Year 2023. Nguyen supports the student community with study tips and cheers up the student community by being spontaneous and initiative. University of Oulu Association chose the Student of the Year for the 11th time. The award was presented at the University Gala on 10 November 2023.
Jerry Nguyen istuu nojatuolilla, hymyilee ja katsoo kameraan.

The spring of 2023 has been hard for many medical students. Learning biochemistry has been demanding and students are tired after a long winter and socialization during the first study year. However, every day one student comes to the campus with a smile and listens to worries and sorrows of others. Sometimes he brings with him a pile of chocolate eggs to delight his fellow students.

That person is Jerry Nguyen, who is now studying medicine at the University of Oulu for the second year. His genuine caring has made such an impression on fellow students that they proposed Nguyen as the University of Oulu's Student of the Year. In the proposal, they describe Nguyen as one of the pillars of their class.

But what motivates Jerry Nguyen to inspire the people around him?

"There are such wonderful people here that it's great that I can be there for others. People appreciate the help they get, and it makes me feel good," Jerry Nguyen says.

The Student of the Year receives praise for being present and sharing study tips and this way supporting others to learn and to engage in the university community. Among other things, he has shared the study materials he has implemented in the memory application for the use of others and provided tips on how to use the application in learning.

“I want to learn well myself, but at the same time I can motivate others. I got a lot of use out of the application myself and I thought it would be great to support others by sharing my own notes and tips. Recently, one study friend told me that she had already considered taking a gap year, but the information I have shared has helped her to learn and keep up with the class. This feedback really warmed my mind.”

Jerry Nguyen's spontaneous way of being present and encouraging others also speaks to how he supported one person applying to medical school last spring.

“Last spring, at the library, there was one person studying at the same time as me every day. After a week, we started greeting each other, and the next day, we were already chatting. It turned out he was studying for entrance exams, so I did my best to support and encourage him in their preparation.”

So far, Nguyen has accumulated a commendable number of study credits. In addition to his studies, he also participates in the teaching of anatomy.

"It's nice to be able to share what I've learned. I'm researching at the Department of Anatomy and my goal is to do a dissertation. I'm not sure yet what I want to specialize in, but I believe it will become clear along the way," Nguyen shares about his future plans.

What tips does the Student of the Year want to give to those students of the University of Oulu who would like to create a good spirit around them?

"Be yourself. Care about people and ask how others are doing. Small acts can be really big for another person. Studying can be really challenging, so it's important to stick together."

University of Oulu’s Alum of the Year 2023 is vaccine researcher Mika Rämet

Last updated: 27.2.2024