Job opening: a professor for microentrepreneurship research and education in the University of Oulu

We are looking for a professor or tenure-track professor who specializes in entrepreneurship, especially micro-entrepreneurship.
tohtori pyörän päällä

You will strengthen our team focused on the national task of micro-entrepreneurship research and education at the University of Oulu's Kerttu Saalasti Institute and the Oulu School of Economics. As a professor, you are responsible for micro-entrepreneurship research and research-based education at Kerttu Saalasti Institute.

In addition to regional and national effectiveness, the goal is to strengthen the global effectiveness of micro-entrepreneurship research and education. At the European level, this means both networking and concrete research and education cooperation. With the professorship, we invest in research projects that have an impact on the European level and building a virtual network of researchers.

Please, send your application by January 31, 2023.

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More information:

Matti Muhos, director, professor, Kerttu Saalasti Institute, University of Oulu, 0400 407590

Last updated: 21.12.2022