LocalTapiola Pohjoinen donates EUR 100 000 to the University of Oulu

LocalTapiola Pohjoinen participates in the University of Oulu's fundraising campaign with a donation of EUR 100,000. The lifelong security company wants to support higher education and competence in northern Finland.

“As a local company owned by our customers, we want to use the donation to promote the well-being, employment and economic growth of northern Finland in particular. Young generations create the future”, emphasizes Veli Rajakangas, the CEO of LocalTapiola Pohjoinen.

The University of Oulu is an important partner of LocalTapiola Pohjoinen from the perspective of competence development and the vitality of the Northern region and in practice through student internships and theses.

“LocalTapiola employs a large number of experts who have graduated from the University of Oulu nationwide, and for example, we have recruited several employees at LocalTapiola Pohjoinen who have started through study-related internships. As a company with almost 200 employees, the need for future employees is permanent”, Rajakangas continues.

“We thank LocalTapiola Pohjoinen for the support and trust. Security, well-being and responsibility are now emphasized in society. Through our operations and cooperation, we are able to produce the multidisciplinary information and expertise that our society needs”, says Jouko Niinimäki, Rector of the University of Oulu.

The University of Oulu receives state matched funding for each euro donated. The matched funding period continues until June 30, 2022. Organizations and individuals can participate in the fundraising campaign.

Our campaign goal is to strengthen the position of the University of Oulu and the research ecosystem in Oulu. University´s multidisciplinary research and related co-operation directly serve the competence needs of companies and business development.

Donations included in LocalTapiola Pohjoinen's corporate responsibility work are part of a continuum of donations aimed at the competence and education of northern Finns. LocalTapiola Pohjoinen has previously donated to the University of Oulu in 2019 and 2015, as well as Oulu University of Applied Sciences and Centria University of Applied Sciences in 2018.

Last updated: 23.5.2022