Mentoring Programme 2020 - apply now!

Master’s degree students from all faculties are invited to apply for the University of Oulu Mentoring Programme during Mon 28.9. – Fri 23.10. (by 12 o’clock, noon).

In the mentoring programme, the students are matched with a mentor who will support the student about six months in career planning and possible concerns regarding the working life. Mentoring requires commitment and taking initiative especially from the student. It’s a voluntary programme and the student doesn’t earn any credits. All applicants will be invited to a discussion session in October and there will be a training session for all students who are selected to participate. Students from all faculties are very welcome to apply. Depending on the current pandemic situation, the programme will be organised possibly partly or in whole online.

Application link for mentee.

When can a student apply for mentoring?

  • the student is a Master's student close to graduation
  • the student has little or no work experience
  • the student has given a thought to life after graduation
  • the student needs advice on how to continue into working life
  • the student has difficulty knowing his /her own skills and sharing them with others
  • the student wants to network and discuss work-related topics with other like-minded people
  • the student is able openly and confidentially have discussions with the mentor about worrying working life topics
  • the student is interested in reflection and self-development

Read more about mentoring (and appliaction period).

The program is led by Career Specialist Outi Tolonen and Alumni Coordinator Riitta Arffman

Last updated: 26.3.2021