Mentoring Programme helps you network and develop your skills. Apply now!

Do you want to discover and learn how to describe your strengths and discuss work-related themes? The University of Oulu's mentoring programme offers students the opportunity to clarify their career plans and alumni the opportunity to develop their guidance skills and share their experience.

What is the Oulu University Mentoring Programme?

The Mentoring Programme has long traditions at Oulu University. During the Mentoring programme a Mentor (an alumni with a higher education degree and working experience of several years) and a Master's student of Oulu University will meet to discuss worklife-related themes during a half-year period. During this time the mentor supports the student in decision-making as well as career planning and management.

Mentoring is mutually beneficial to both students and mentors. Through discussions the students can develop their professional and personal skills. For mentors the programme offers an opportunity to network, get to know the new generation of the university, learn what studies consist of nowadays, and have a say at the university. The discussions offer inspiration and great support for the student, who already is looking toward working-life!

During mentoring, the university organizes three meetings for all mentors and mentees (kick-off meeting, mid-way meeting, final meeting). The meetings are amazing opportunities to network and meet other students and alumni, who are currently in the working-life!

The application period for the Mentoring Programme is open now and lasts until 17thNovember 2023. Don't hesitate to apply! The link to application-form and more information on Mentoring Programme's webpage.

Last updated: 30.8.2023