Mentoring programme for students

Are you getting closer to graduation but also feel hesitant about your future? Would you like to expand your understanding about working life, learn to talk about your strengths and get a sparring partner for your career? Join the Oulu University Mentoring programme and boost your career building tools toward a whole new level!

What is mentoring?

This program is not about reaching a point, but it is more about being on a journey and always progressing.

The Oulu University Mentoring Programme connects students and working-life experts and gives you tools, tips and ideas for your own career planning. During the programme you will get your own mentor, who already has years of experience from working-life. During six months programme, you will get to know each other, set up meetings and discuss themes around working life, career, job-hunting and future options and visions, according to your own needs.

When I started the programme, I thought it was a sign of weakness, but in the end I realized that it was a sign of me caring for my future and me wanting to plan my career.

During mentoring you will find and learn how to talk about your own strenghts and goals. You will get information and guidance on how to reach them. At the heart of the programme are the one-on-one meetings between you and the mentor, but you will also get to grow your network with other students and mentors in the programme.

Mentoring is a shared experience between a mentor and student, but also networking with a broader community.

During the programme we will organize networking events, where you get to discuss with other programme participants. The mentoring team will support you throughout your experience. You will also get an access to career planning materials in Moodle course and at the end of the programme you will be awarded an electronical badge to be used in your CV or in LinkedIn!

You can participate in the Mentoring programme if you a Master degree -student at Oulu University.

How do I apply?

You can apply to Mentoring Programme from the link above. When you have filled in the electronical application form, you are in the selection process! We will choose the students in the programme in December 2023. The first stage in the application process is a group interview. You will get an invitation email to group interview during Autumn term. The next step after the group interview is the matching stage and you will get to make your own wish for your mentor. The actual pairs are matched after this.

A quick check-up, before you start filling in the application. You are...

  • Master Degree student
  • Oulu university student
  • motivated to learn about yourself
  • prepared to plan meetings with your mentor and think about your future
  • ready to commit

Did you answer yes to all? Then you are ready to click the link and start the application process!


Do you already have a mentor in your mind? That's great, because you can also find your own mentor! In the application form there is a place for your own suggestion. However, please notice that the final selection and matching is done by our mentoring team.

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