New Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers to the University of Oulu

The Academy of Finland has granted funding for Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral Researchers. 6 Academy Research Fellows and 8 Postdoctoral Researchers will start in the University of Oulu 1 September, 2022.

The Academy Research Fellow funding is for the researcher´s salary for a five-year term and the Postdoctoral Researcher funding for researcher´s salary for a period of three years. Funding to the University of Oulu was granted among others for research related to the understanding of various diseases, technology, learning, biodiversity, water management and steel.

Academy Research Fellows 1.9.2022 – 31.8.2027

Finnilä, Mikko: Novel imaging biomarkers for preclinical osteoarthritis drug development, 447 650 €

Hosio, Simo: AIM: Crowdsourcing Clinically Relevant Insights for Advances in Digital Health Research, 447 650 €

Atzeni, Italo: High-Frequency Revolution for Sustainable 6G Systems (HIGH-6G), 447 650 €

Huang, Jianan: Plasmonic two-nanopore technology for single-molecule protein sequencing (Acronym: TwoPoreProSeq), 447 650 €

Ala-Aho, Correcting a bias undermining the global importance of snowmelt (SNOMLT), 447 650 €

Omran, Mamdouh: Sustainable recycling of steelmaking wastes by innovative combining microwaves and biomass, 447 650 €

Postdoctoral Researchers 1.9.2022 – 31.8.2025

Nguyen, Khánh: Utilising multimodal learning analytics with artificial intelligence (AI) to predict regulation in collaborative learning, 226 552 €

Kohonen-Aho, Laura: Beyond individual experiences towards social VR: Exploring the practices of multimodal participation in multi-user virtual reality, 248 341 €

Ferdoush, Md Azmeary: “Let Live” but “Make Wait?”: Exploring Violent Inaction in the Camps and Reception Centers of Bangladesh and Finland, 263 925 €

Skarp, Sini: Genetic and molecular factors in myocardial fibrosis, 245 296 €

Kemppinen, Julia: Investigating the geodiversity-biodiversity relationship under climate change, 266 435 €

Pauna, Henri: Towards the future of steelmaking burners with new on-line OES process control, 226 940 €

Villa, Michele: Higher dimensional Analyst's Traveling Salesman theorems and Dorronsoro estimates on non-smooth sets, 231 240 €

Bailey, Hannah: Rain or Snow? Resolving the sources, sinks, state and impact of enhanced Arctic precipitation on terrestrial ice mass balance and global sea-level rise, 240 760 €

Last updated: 13.5.2022