New reading application for Ellibs e-books

Thorium Reader is a new reading application for Ellibs e-books. Browser reading and Adobe Digital Editions will also remain alongside the new reader option. For mobile devices, the recommended reader is still Ellibs' own application.

The Ellibs e-book service used by the University of Oulu and Oamk and contains books in Finnish and English.

For those who use Ellibs on computer, it is now possible to download e-books to Thorium Reader. Thorium Reader supports the open-source Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection) protection method for e-books. Thorium Reader has also paid special attention to accessibility. The application has a built-in read aloud feature for e-books and many options for customizing the reading view.

You will need a personal LCP password to read e-books in Thorium Reader. You can find the password in My Bookshelf when you log in to Ellibs. Thorium Reader will ask for your password the first time you download an e-book file to the reader. Afterwards, the program will only request the password occasionally.

Adobe Digital Editions remains as an alternative reader to Thorium Reader on Ellibs. Ellibs' own application remains the recommended reader for mobile devices. Most of Ellibs' books can also be read via a web browser.

For further information and instructions see our Ellibs guide.

Last updated: 8.1.2024