News from Prof Welker's Northwest Passage expedition in the High Arctic Ocean

UArctic Research Chair, UOulu Professor Jeffrey Welker completed 18 October a 45 day, 12,000 km, 30,000,000 data point study of the water and C isotopes in marine air and seawater.

UArctic Research Chair, UOulu Professor Welker, aboard the US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy

This Arctic Interactions, NSF, Academy of Finland funded study is delnearign the interactions between a more sea ice free Arctic Ocean and evaporation into the atmosphere-melting glaciers and the deliver fresh water ladened with ancient C and nutrients enhancing the base of the marine food web with cascading consequences to fisheries and Native communities that rely on sustainable practices in Baffin Bay and and across the Arctic.

Last updated: 21.10.2021