Oulu University Library adopts principles of a safer space

Oulu University Library is committed to providing all customers with facilities and services free from harassment, bullying and discrimination. To promote this, together with our customers and library staff, we have created the principles of a safer space for the library.

During the spring, we conducted an online survey for the library's customers in order to survey whether customers have experienced or noticed harassment or discrimination at library locations. At the same time, we wanted to find out what factors make the library a safer space from the customers' point of view and what channels of notification would be most natural for customers to report harassment or discrimination. Based on the answers to the survey, we have created the principles of a safer space in the library.

In connection with the principles of a safer space, we have also created instructions for all our library locations in case of harassment or inappropriate treatment in the library premises. The principles and instructions have been published on the library's website and we will also make them visible in the library premises.

Principles of a safer space in the library

  • Oulu University Library is committed to promoting equality. The library is open to all customers, and the library staff are there for the customers. If you need any assistance, please ask, we shall help you.
  • The library offers various spaces for studying, spending time and for working in groups as well as quiet rooms. We kindly request you to comply with the respective rules concerning noise.
  • We want to make sure that the library working environment is safe and pleasant for all our customers and members of staff. Therefore, we do not tolerate harassment, inappropriate behaviour or discrimination. We respect physical and psychological privacy and personal space.
  • If you witness any inappropriate behaviour on the library premises, please report it to library staff. We shall take further measures.

Library also participates in the Discrimination-Free Zone Campaign

Oulu University Library participates in the Discrimination-Free Zone Campaign and commits to treating all customers and staff equally irrespective of the person’s gender, age, ethnic origin, religion or belief, opinion, state of health, disability or sexual orientation.

The Discrimination-Free Zone sign on the library wall indicates that we want to take discrimination and equality seriously. The campaign has been implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Finnish League for Human Rights, The Finnish National Youth Council Allianssi, Seta, the Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation FIMU and the Finnish Disability Forum. Read more about the campaign.

More information: kirjasto@oulu.fi

Last updated: 20.6.2024