Our Northern Handprint is Global – updated strategy of the University of Oulu published

The University of Oulu has published its updated strategy for the 2030s, titled “Our Northern Handprint is Global.” The foundation of the University’s strategy remains its mission to create new scientific knowledge and provide research-based education for building a more sustainable, intelligent, and humane world. The strategy addresses global challenges faced by humanity and generating solutions to those questions through our strong research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

In the updated strategy, the university’s actions are guided by global challenges that require multidisciplinary competence and interdisciplinary collaboration: Mitigating climate change and safeguarding biodiversity; A resilient and secure society; Human health and well-being; Digitalisation, artificial intelligence, and data at the service of humanity.

The positive impact of the university’s activities on the future – our handprint – is created in research, education, and cooperation. Our Northern scientific community has a global influence, tightly connected to international academic networks. The university has a key role as a driver of strategic development and vitality in the ​​northern region, working closely with international and national stakeholders.

The strategy highlights the university’s scientific strengths through research profile areas that are assessed internationally excellent and socially impactful. Examples of these profile areas include 6G solutions, hydrogen future and sustainable steel production, Arctic biodiversity, human AI co-evolution, and combating fibrosis in chronic diseases. Across the entire university, we engage in foresight work to identify new key research topics for the future and promote multidisciplinary research on them.

The vision of the university is to be an international leader in its profiling research areas, as well as an international frontrunner in multi- and interdisciplinary collaboration. We aim to be an attractive study and work community, where the organisational culture supports and encourages every member of our community to succeed in their roles.

The strategy outlines three internal development paths for the university: Strong scientific community and interdisciplinary research; High-quality, flexible education and excellent learning experience; and Strategic cooperation and societal impact.

The university’s strategy includes a campus vision, which aims to create a new, cohesive, and carbon-neutral campus area in Oulu over the next 25 years.

The strategy update process began in early 2023, with preparations carried out in faculty and unit strategy workshops, university board strategy seminars, in the university’s management group and advisory council. Representatives from the Oulu University Student Union and stakeholders also participated in the updating work. The university board approved the strategy in December 2023.

Implementation of the strategy’s actions will be carried out as part of the university’s operational planning processes during 2024.

Check out the updated strategy of the University of Oulu

Last updated: 6.2.2024