Parking on the Linnanmaa campus Parking areas of the University of Oulu

General information about parking on the Linnanmaa campus, notification of an exception due to new students in parking and quick instructions for logging into eParking

General principles

Basically, the Linnanmaa campus area does not have completely free parking areas, but using the parking areas requires either registering as a user of your own organization's parking area (so-called cold parking areas without heating poles) or claiming the right to use your own organization's paid parking area (heating pole and electric car charging areas). Paid and time-limited guest parking spaces are primarily intended for parking of persons visiting the Linnanmaa campus.

Linnanmaa campus parking by organization

There are four organizations in the Linnanmaa campus area, each of which has its own parking areas. It is not allowed to reserve the right to use the parking area from an organization other than your own.

Parking methods University of Oulu

The University of Oulu's heating pole, electric car charging and unheated parking areas are intended for use by the university's staff, students and service providers.

More information and instructions for staff about parking can be found on the university's Patio page

More information and instructions for students about parking on the university's page

Parking control at the Linnanmaa campus

Parking control in the campus area is carried out by the Oulu parking control in accordance with the rules by visiting all the parking areas mentioned in the control agreement.

Exception for parking during 26.8.- 25.9.2022

Due to the arrival of new students, it is possible for university students to exceptionally park in OY Kylmät Autopaikat areas even before registering as a user of the parking area. The exception does not apply to the university's parking spaces with heating plugs, nor does it entitle you to use the parking spaces of other organizations. However, registering as a user of the university's parking areas or applying for the right to use the university's parking area with a heating plug must be done before the end of the exception period at the latest.

Quick instructions for logging into the eParking system

On the eParking login page!/ select Login with HAKA

next, select your own organization on the HAKA login page and continue to make the reservation

If the system asks for a service provider, select the University of Oulu and then make a reservation with the New reservation function for the university parking lot you want.

Campus services

Last updated: 29.8.2022