The Pentti Kaitera Fund offers incentive money for student societies of University of Oulu to organize events that support student well-being and sense of community.

The Professor Pentti Kaitera Foundation donates 20,000 euros to support the well-being and sense of community of students at the University of Oulu.

Student societies can apply the funding of 500 euros each, with an application form found from The purpose of the funding is to support students' attachment to their studies and to university community, offer possibilities to network and find friends, as well as encourage organizing events and activities that support well-being.

The Pentti Kaitera Foundation operates under the University of Oulu, and it gives away a recognition award every two years for an individual or community that promotes the economic and mental well-being in Northern Finland.

"In addition to the actual Pentti Kaitera Foundation's recognition award, we also wanted to offer a quick and straightforward support for student societies to promote students' well-being. We want to encourage new students to take part in the student community." says Katri Ervamaa, Chairman of the Foundation

The application for the incentive money is open and applications are processed until May 1, 2022 on a monthly basis or until all of the funding has been given away. The application should include a description of plans on using the funding, and explanation how the planned events and activities support the sense of community and well-being.

The application can be sent via the form on the Pentti Kaitera Foundation's website,

For further information on the incentive money and applications, contact Niina Marostenmäki,, Solution Designer, University of Oulu.


Twitter: @PenttiKaitera

Last updated: 28.9.2021