Platform economy in metals processing (AMET): results and the final report

Aimed for improved business opportunities and digitalisation in the steel industry, the project consisted of work concerning measurements and monitoring, modeling and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as development of the platform economy business model.

The benefits of digitalisation by means of computational methods and novel technologies were utilised to improve the production efficiency and reduce the environmental impact in various unit processes, and many applicable technologies were developed during the project. The results of the project extend to the entirety of the steelmaking production process, from ironmaking to rolling.

Over 20 research papers were published, which indicates the academic merit of the project. Moreover, 15 theses were completed regarding the research subjects. The involvement of SMEs in the development and deployment of novel technologies, the mutual cooperation between the academia and the industry, and the utilisation of information and intelligent computational methods for monitoring and control of complex industrial processes were all unique characteristics of the project.

Project's final report (pdf).

Last updated: 8.2.2022