Professor Timo Fabritius at the SuomiAreena on the 27th of June - "The hydrogen transition requires its contributors and there is plenty to do for everyone"

Professor Timo Fabritius of the Process Metallurgy Research Unit will participate at the SuomiAreena panel discussion to be held in Pori on Tuesday, June 27, 2023: "Can you speak hydrogen - competence needs of the hydrogen economy"

A 10 percent share of the EU's clean hydrogen production has been proposed as Finland's national goal. We have excellent conditions to take on the investments of billions of euros in the production of high value-added hydrogen products. In Finland, we have a good opportunity to drastically increase renewable electricity production, more electricity transmission capacity is being built all the time, we have also clean water, functioning logistics and extensive know-how throughout the value chain.

In the coming years, the implementation and full utilization of the hydrogen revolution will require the training of thousands of new experts, the updating of the skills of current employees, and a wide-ranging investment in research and development in the entire hydrogen value chain, both in the public sector and in companies. The hydrogen transition is an excellent opportunity for Finland to show global leadership in the utilization and implementation of a wide-ranging hydrogen transition affecting society as a whole. This requires open-minded and confident cooperation between different sectors and the identification of each actor's own role and profile. Challenging and value-added activities can be found for all actors. The hydrogen transition requires its contributors and there is plenty to do for everyone.

Last updated: 21.6.2023