The Programme Director Changes

Elina Annanperä will start as the Program Director for the Degree and Master's Programmes in Information Processing Science on February 14, 2022.

The Programme Director for the Degree and Master's Programmes in Information Processing Science will change in mid-February. PhD, postdoctoral researcher Elina Annanperä will start on February 14, 2022. At the same time, Lic.Phil., university teacher Henrik Hedberg, who has been responsible for the programmes since the autumn of 2014, will move to a technology company in Oulu.

Elina Annanperä is a native of Information Processing Science here in University of Oulu (MSc 2011, PhD 2017) and has been a researcher and a teacher since 2009. Elina is part of the M3S research unit.

The Programme Director appointed by the Education Dean is responsible for the planning, implementation and quality management of the degree program in accordance with the University of Oulu Education Regulations. He also chairs the Degree Program Committee. In Information Processing Science, the Programme Director is responsible for both the Bachelor's and Master's degrees, including the international Master's programs in Software Engineering and Information Systems as well as the European Masters in Software Engineering, which is implemented as a double degree program with two other European universities. In addition, the ​​ responsibilities includes courses in Information Processing Science for other degree programs, such as the international Bachelor's programme in Digitalisation, Computing and Electronics as well as the international Master's programme in Business Analytics, the Open University, the University of Continuing Education (JOY) and partner higher education institutions.

About 70 people in Oulu teach Information Processing Science, 32 of whom work as responsible teachers. Approximately 23 person-years are allocated to teaching for 70 courses each year. There are almost 800 students who, together with minor students, complete almost 20,000 ECTS credits. The figures are currently clearly increasing, as Information Processing Science has wanted to respond to the high demand of ICT professionals. For example, undergraduate intake has increased from 45 to 185 within few years.

Last updated: 2.2.2022