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The University of Oulu has been working on its property strategy since November 2019. In the strategy process, different analyses and reports have been ordered and used.

The options explored in the study were a) maintaining the current building stock, b) partially dismantling the current building stock and constructing some new buildings in the university campuses, and c) constructing new buildings near the Oulu city centre. In addition to the manageability of property expenses, the study examined the environmental impacts, accessibility and future pull factors of the campus.

The Raksila district was selected as the primary planning area due to accessibility through public transport and the excellent location. The university contacted architect Rainer Mahlamäki to obtain a report and preliminary plan on how the campus might blend in with the commercial activities in the Raksila market district. According to preliminary plans, the planning area has enough room for the buildings and also for possible future expansion in the area. In Finnish: Mahlamäki´s plan and illustrations (pdf).

Ensuring operational sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint have risen to the fore as important expectations for society and the university community. The carbon footprint of the University of Oulu’s current campus buildings is highest among the campuses owned by University Properties of Finland Ltd.

If the campus is designed and constructed in a forward-looking manner in the city centre area, it will be much more accessible on foot and by bicycle and public transport, in addition to being more energy-efficient and serving the needs of future study and work activities. In Finnish: Carbon footprint comparison by the University Properties of Finland Ltd (pdf).

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Last updated: 22.9.2021