Recognition of learning is applied in Peppi

Recognition of learning is applied in Peppi

Recognition of learning refers to set practices based on which a completed study unit or other learning is credited for a student. The student assesses whether they possess prior learning compliant with the degree’s learning objectives and this will be taken into account when composing the personal study plan. The prior learning to be recognized must comply with the learning objectives of the degree curriculum or one of its modules or courses.

Recognition of learning is applied in Peppi. Login to Peppi here:

Instructions for recognition of learning can be found from Student's Peppi wiki from Recognition of Learning and from For Students -webpages: Recognition of learning can be a replacement, an inclusion or an exemption. Please familiarize yourself to the instructions carefully before drafting an application, especially what the different types of applications are and to whom you need to address the application. Note that the process runs faster if the application is sent to the correct person.

The instructions are updated and improved continuously.

Last updated: 20.1.2022