Registration open for doctors who have graduated 2017-2019 - limited amount of places left

There is still a limited number of places left in the Conferment Ceremony. The registration is now open for doctors who have graduated between 2017-2019.
Man with a doctoral hat.

The registration for the Conferment Ceremony and related events is open for doctors graduated in 2017-2019 until 23rd of January 2022. The registration for doctors who have graduated in the first half of 2020 will be opened on 24th of January (if there are places left). Places will be filled in the order of registration. The registration will be closed when all the places have been filled or 31st of January at the latest.

Further information and link for the registration form can be found from Conferment Ceremony webpage.

The organisers of the Conferment Ceremony follow closely the COVID-19 pandemic situation and act according to official guidelines and restrictions. Securing the health safety of the participants is our top priority.

Last updated: 14.1.2022