Remember to apply for permission to use parking space if you park your car in the university parking area

Students of the University of Oulu can apply for the right to use the heating pole areas of the Linnanmaa campus of the University of Oulu in the P2 or P8 parking areas or register as users of the parking areas without heating poles. On the Kontinkangas campus, university students can register for the K1 Kontinkangas heating pole areas if there are free places in the quota reserved for students. Registration or adding a right of use takes place through the eParking system.

The price of the right to use the heated parking lot area for students is €100/12 months or €20/month. In the application for the right to use parking spaces with heating poles, it is absolutely necessary to justify the need for obtaining the right to a heating space.

The use of parking spaces without heating is free, but their use also requires registration in the OY Kylmät Autopaikat area through the eParking system. Registration entitles you to use unheated parking spaces owned by the University of Oulu, but does not guarantee that the parking space will be free.

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Last updated: 25.8.2023