Reminder about the regional drainage contract for the west side of the Linnanmaa campus for the period 4-30 September 2023

The construction site causes temporary changes in the south side of the campus between September 2023 and February-May 2024. The works will be carried out in stages so that access to the campus and the PSOAS property would be as smooth as possible. The construction area will be formed from the end of Paavo Havas road and will also be the last phase of the southern part of the project.
Aluekuivatusurakka 9_2023

The first phase of the construction works will begin on September 4, 2023 and lasts four weeks until September. In phase 1, the passage on the west side of the campus will be cut off, so that the pedestrian detour will take place via Kaitoväylä, and car traffic to the G, J and K doors of the campus and the inner courtyards via Biologintie. The detour is in use for about 8 weeks. In addition, some of the streetside parking spaces on Paavo Havas road will be out of use.

Construction causes noise and vibration every day. The daily piling work, which causes the most noise and vibration, begins on September 7, 2023 and is scheduled for weekdays between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

VRJ Pohjois-Suomi Oy, the main contractor of the project, is responsible for the temporary traffic arrangements in the area with the traffic signs. Workspaces shall be effectively isolated from existing areas and access routes, and access to or across the site shall be strictly prohibited for safety reasons. In addition, drainage excavation can cause noise and tremor during the work phase.

We apologize for any inconvenience or special arrangements that may be caused by the work.

For more information:
- Contractor VRJ Pohjois-Suomi Oy / Perttu Hyttinen, p. 043 211 3866
-Rakennuttajatoimisto Promen Oy / supervisor Kaisa Vehkaperä, p. 040 773 80 13

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Last updated: 21.9.2023