The reorganisation of the Faculty of Technology has been decided

Change negotiations concerning the Faculty of Technology have ended.

In the Faculty of Technology, the change negotiations resulted in the dismissal of eleven people and changes in the job descriptions of four people. Two of them are teaching and research staff and the others are professional and support staff. The change negotiations concerned Oulu Mining School (OMS) and Environmental and Chemical Engineering (ECE) research unit, as well as the faculty's Machine shop and administration.

The Machine shop will be closed down. The research support services provided by the Machine shop will be subcontracted.

As a result of the change negotiations, faculty resources will be redistributed. The faculty's administrative and facilities costs will be reduced so that a greater proportion of the core funding can be used for research and education.

The targeted cost savings will be around €700,000 per year. At its meeting on 17 April 2023, the Board of the University of Oulu decided to start the change negotiations in the Faculty of Technology on the basis of economic and productivity grounds.

Last updated: 27.6.2023