The Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundation grants EUR 100,000 to research to business projects

The Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundation is providing support to four research to business projects underway at the University of Oulu, with the funding totalling EUR 100,000.

The funding from the foundation has been granted to four projects:

  • More Stamina – A Fatigue Management Solution for Multiple Sclerosis (Faculty of Medicine, Guido Giunti)
  • HR-VO2 Max Sensor – Next Generation Optical Sport Sensor for Wearable Devices (Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Jan Nissinen)
  • Glymphometer – A Wearable Monitor for the Glymphatic System of the Human Brain (Faculty of Medicine, Teemu Myllylä)
  • MULTISENSE – Multifunctional, Self-sustainable Sensing Components for Smart Skin (Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Yang Bai).

The additional funding from the foundation will improve the prerequisites for success of these research to business projects, by increasing the overall funding for and quality of research to business activities. The additional funding will facilitate the procurement of purchased services that are key to the projects and allow for flexibility in how the projects’ budgets are used.

The funding granted for these projects can be used for purposes such as manufacturing and testing materials, prototype manufacturing costs, procurement of measurement devices required for validation activities, development of data analytics, and planning and resourcing of clinical trials.

A prerequisite for receiving funding from the Riitta and Jorma J. Takanen Foundation was that the projects had been granted research to business funding from Business Finland (R2B, previously TUTLI – New Business from Research). Business Finland's overall funding for the projects that received grants from the foundation totals MEUR 1.9 this year.

Last updated: 15.12.2021