The second application period for the minors will be held 10.8.-21.8.2020

In some of the minor subjects, there are places available for application in the second round.

The second round is open for applications from August 10 to August 21st, 2020.

You can apply by sending a message to
Title: sivuainehaku elokuu 2020
Please state your name, student number, degree programme, starting year and previous minor studies in the message.
List 1-3 minors in order of preference.

Places will be filled primarily in registration order for those who do not have a minor yet and who need one in their degree. If there are still available places in minor subjects after this, it is also possible to get an extra minor. In future minor studies application rounds, all minor studies are counted in.

The places available in the second round are as follows:

  • Digital Technologies in Teaching and Learning (in Finnish/English)
  • Drama Education (in Finnish)
  • Special Education, Basic Studies, (OPEN UNI) (in Finnish)
  • Preschool and Primary Education (in Finnish)
  • Art Education (in Finnish)
  • STEAM, Basic Studies (in Finnish)
  • Textile Work / Technology (in Finnish)
  • Health Education, Basic Studies (OPEN UNI) (in Finnish)
  • Health Education, Intermediate Studies (OPEN UNI) (in Finnish)

Those who receive a study place for a minor at the Open University, will receive a registration link to their email. Please note that in this case the student must register themselves, as the faculty is unable to do that on their behalf. Those who receive a place in other minors, will be added to their minors by officers.

If you have questions about applying or the results, please contact

We will reply to your application message for minor studies after the application round has ended at the latest.

Last updated: 26.3.2021