The status of grant researchers to be improved by enabling a possibility for a part-time simultaneous employment contract

Grant researchers are a valuable part of the University’s community, who produce considerable amount of the University results using funding they have personally achieved. Following the updated policy of the university, from now on the aim is to create a simultaneous part-time employment contract with no less than 10 % of the shared duties of full-time employment, if the terms of the grant allow it.

Part-time employment contract allows the grant researcher to enjoy the employment benefits, such as occupational health care, insurance, staff discount on lunches and the wellness benefit (ePassi) according to the terms of said benefits.

The terms of the grant can in some cases inhibit simultaneous employment. Also, if the grant is issued by the University of Oulu or some other operator very close to the university, the tax-free nature of the grant will be endangered, which is why the employment contract cannot be drafted. But if there are no such issues, a part-time employment contract with a minimum of 10 % of the shared duties shall always be drafted.

Last updated: 18.3.2022