Steel and Metal Producers’ Fund of the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation awarded grants for the year 2024.

On December 8, 2023, Steel and Metal Producers’ Fund of the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation awarded grants for the year 2024. The Process Metallurgy Research Unit at the University of Oulu received grants totaling 125,000 euros.

The fund was established in connection with the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation in 2009 by the Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers. The purpose of the fund is to promote scientific research, education, and study in technology and business covering the entire production chain of metals at universities, colleges, and research institutions.

The following researchers from the Process Metallurgy Unit received grants:

  • Associate Professor Ville-Valtteri Visuri, 25,000 euros
    Thermodynamic Equilibria in Hydrogen Plasma Smelting Reduction
    The project investigates thermodynamic equilibria in hydrogen plasma smelting reduction using computational thermodynamics and laboratory experiments, focusing on the distribution of sulfur and phosphorus between metal and slag.
  • MSc Ilpo Mäkelä, 25,000 euros
    Dynamic mathematical electric arc furnace model
    The research focuses on research and development of mathematical process modeling of electric arc furnaces. In addition to traditional process routes, the study considers the use of new raw materials and methods in the process.
  • MSc Julius Norrena, 25,000 euros
    Phenomenological and data-driven quality prediction in continuous casting of steel
    The research focuses on the development of phenomenological machine learning models for predicting defects in continuous casting of steel. The phenomenological approach considers the effects of different metallurgical phenomena on product quality during continuous casting.
  • MSc Mika Pahnila, 25,000 euros
    Modification of Biochar and its Properties for Pyrometallurgical Applications
    The goal of this research is to explore various methods for producing biochar and modifying its properties so it can be used in various metallurgical applications instead of fossil-based solutions.
  • MSc Olli Vitikka, 25,000 euros
    Recycling Iron and Steelmaking Side Streams by Auger Pressing Briquetting
    The goal of the research is to explore recycling potential of iron and steelmaking by-products such as dust, scale, sludge, and slag as cold-bonded briquettes. The focus is on main metallurgical properties, reducibility, swelling, and cracking, which are studied through laboratory experiments simulating blast furnace and electric arc furnace conditions.
Last updated: 26.1.2024