Student: Bring MFA into use during October

Protect your O365 account of the university against the abuse by using MFA, multi-factor authentication.

What is MFA?

MFA is multi-phased authentication. In practice it means that you secure your sign-in with your mobile phone. The phone is usually always along so its use as a verification tool of the sign-in is quick and easy. With the help of MFA, your O365 account is protected against the abuse, because it's you who approve your own sign-ins and deny other possible attempts.

After you have begun using of MFA, the need for the verifying decreases if you sign-in using the same devices. You can also set the device-specific break of 60 days.

Bring MFA into use already during October!

First become acquainted with the verifying methods of MFA and think what of them suits yourself best. Then make the measures which are requested on the instruction page MFA, multi-factor authentication. After the measures, the MFA protection is in use on your O365 account in two hours.

If any problems in the introduction turn up, please contact Campus ICT support service. After the middle of October, ICT Service will arrange temporary pop-up support points in both campuses and will open a MFA support phone. You'll get more information by email during the week 42.

Last updated: 12.10.2021