Campus ICT service point, a member of staff

Campus ICT support service

You can turn to Campus ICT support service in all ICT matters of the University of Oulu (UO) and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS). 

You can send e-mail or call us. 

  • The ICT service requests are answered as a rule on weekdays  at 8 - 15:45. 
  • The service requests also are answered when the service point has been closed because of the corona or because of another reason.

When your matter is connected to print services, please contact Canon's service engineer.

Contact information

(The call is free from the extensions of UO and OUAS, otherwise normal charge according to the caller's subscription.)

Campus ICT Service Point

You can visit the service point during its office hours:

  • Week 9: open at 8 - 11 and 12 - 15:45 on week days
  • Week 10: closed
  • Week 11: open at 8 - 11 and 12 - 15:45 on week days (the common corona situation can cause changes)
  • Location: in the northern part of Linnanmaa campus, in the premises of OUAS, on the 1st floor, room 7D103. 
    • Use Oulu Campus Navigator: feed "7D103" or "Campus ICT" and it guides you there!
    • You can see the Linnanmaa map too. 
  • If your ICT matter requires a personal meeting during the time when the service point has been closed because of the corona situation, agree on it beforehand by telephone or by e-mail.

When visiting the service point, please remember these:

  • Social distance
  • Wash your hands
  • Use face mask

Follow the News section on the front page of ICT Services. On the page the topical matters are informed.

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Last updated: 2.3.2021