Student, join the Kickstart business idea competition and win 500€ + 1500€!

Hey you, surely you have new ideas!

What solutions are missing from the world?

What could be and should be done better than they are done now?

What kind of business would you like to build?

The Oulu Innovation Alliance wants to encourage students to think of potential new businesses and share their new ideas in the Kickstart business idea competition! Your team can win up to 1500€ + 500€ by pitching your business idea!

Participants from from the University of Oulu, University of Applied Sciences and OSAO.

Participation is easy, just do this: (you can choose Finnish or English)

1. Make a max 5min easy video about your business idea. (Instructions below.)

2. Fill out the registration form and attach your video:

3. Submit the form and wait for information on possible entry to the semi-finals.

4. The best teams from each school will then enter the finals and pitch your idea to others.

The prizes are 1500€, 500€, ja 300€ ja semi-finals prizes are 500€, 300€, ja 200€.

The deadline for applications is 25.11! But why wait, apply now.

Instructions for the video:

Make max 5-minute long video where you explain at least the following things:

1. What is your business idea? Could you describe the business idea briefly?

2. An idea with business potential always offers a solution to some challenge. What problem or need does your business idea address? Could you describe your product or service?

3. Who are your customers?

4. Business is always a venture that is meant to bring profit. How will you make money with this business idea (who pays, what pays and why?)

5. Would you like to share something else about your idea? For example, you can explain the competitive situation in the industry of your business idea. Could you point out the practical implementation of your idea? What are the challenges involved in implementing the idea?

6. Upload your video to Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint or Youtube and create a shareable link that you can attach to the application form.

The video can be shot with any camera and in any style. The most important thing is that the video clearly shows the requested information!

If you have any further questions, you can contact Anne Sorvari,, 050 911 6999. We hope to see you in the competition!´

Last updated: 22.11.2022