Student representatives elected to University Collegium – Anton Kostiainen Chair of the Board for OYY

The Student Council of the Student Union of University of Oulu elected student representatives to the University Collegium for the term 2024–2025 in the meeting on 29 November, 2023. The role of the University Collegium is, among other things, to confirm the university's financial statements and annual report, and to decide on the number of members of the board and length of term.

The following students were elected to the University Collegium:

Suvi-Anna Salminen, vice member Santtu Mäenpää
Lotta Ellonen, vice member Marko Venäläinen
Anni Vakkuri, vice member Aku Forsman
Saana Wahlroos, vice member Miikka Lukkaroinen
Chenhao Song, vice member Ly Ngyuen
Aapomikko Matti, vice member Md. Moinul Islam
Iikka Kokkoniemi, vice member Riikka Haataja
Leea Putula, vice member Maria Ollila

The Collegium of University of Oulu is a 24-member body in which various groups of the university community are represented. Of the University Collegium members, 8 represent professors, 8 represent other teachers, scholars, as well as other staff and 8 represent students. The term of office of the student members of the University Collegium is two years and four years for the other members.

The Student Council elected Anton Kostiainen as the Chair of the Board for the year 2024. 26-year-old Kostiainen is a sixth-year mechanical engineering student. In 2023, he was a member of OYY’s board, his area of responsibility being organisations. In addition to organisational cooperation, Kostiainen played a significant role in organising the opening event Hurmos’ day event. In the past, Kostiainen has worked for several years both in Konekilta and in Oulu’s Teekkariyhdistys.

In the University of Oulu students are represented by student representatives, also called hallopeds. A student representative is the voice of students in decision making. There are more than a hundred student representatives in the University of Oulu. They have in the University’s governance ranging from the Board of Directors to Degree Programme Committees. Students at the University of Oulu can apply for administrative student representative positions.

Lotta Leinonen and Teemu Virtanen represent students at the University Board 2024–2025

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