Student, take a survey and get your voice heard regarding student wellbeing!

The purpose of the following survey is to resolve degree students' experiences of their wellbeing and coping during their studies. We will also collect feedback about the OHJY project in this survey. 

Go to the survey here!

• It takes around 10 min to complete the survey. The survey is open during 27 March to 23 April 2023.

• The responses are collected anonymously. Identifying an individual respondent is not possible.

• We will gather data in relation to students’ wellbeing. Feel free to write about your own experiences in the survey.

• The results of the survey will be used for the development of student well-being and different forms of support. The survey results will be published on the project website

Movie tickets will be raffled among the respondents!

Thank you for your cooperation, Wellbeing Through Counselling project

The project’s primary coordinator Diaconia University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the wellbeing survey. Please send any questions or concerns regarding the survey via email to:

Last updated: 28.3.2023