Student's free printing quota will end

The university and Oamk will waive the printing quota paid to students. The amendment will enter into force during the summer of 2023.

From now on, a new student will not be given a free printing quota. Also, no more free quota will be added for students who have started their studies earlier. However, the previously accumulated quota remains and is available for printing.

In addition to the free quota, the student has been able to purchase the printing balance from the online store. This balance is unaffected by the change, i.e. self-purchased printing balances remain unchanged. The print balance can be purchased from the online store for 1-20 € at a time. Unused printing balance will not be refunded to the student in the future either.

The solution has been influenced by the fact that the importance of printing in studies has decreased significantly in recent years. Print volumes have decreased with remote learning and study materials are now available in paperless format. In addition, the maintaining printing quota system has burdened both ICT services and the producer of printing services.

By ending the free printing quota, both universities support sustainable development in the form of reduced paper consumption. At the same time, the universities favor environmentally friendly and free scanning of documents directly to e-mail.

Last updated: 26.6.2023