Students who graduate in October will not receive a paper copy of the degree certificate automatically

A new procedure considering paper copy of the electronic degree certificate will be introduced in October 2022.

Students graduating in August 2022 were the first graduates whose official degree certificate is electronic. Students, who graduated in August and in September, have automatically received a paper copy of the degree certificate as concrete memory from studies.

In October 2022 a new procedure will be put to use. From on 1.10.2022 only the students who attend to the Faculty's Diploma Conferment Ceremony will receive an unofficial, paper copy of the degree certificate in University's folder. The copy or the folder can not be ordered by post nor be received from the service points.

If you wish to receive a paper copy in addition to the official, electronic degree certificate, register to the Faculty's Diploma Conferment Ceremony.

If you graduate on October and you wish to receive the paper copy, but have already sent your graduation request and did not register to the Diploma Conferment Ceremony, contact your Faculty's Academic Affairs service team to register in the ceremony.

Read instructions about downloading official electronic degree certificate here.

Information on the degree certificate can also be found here.

Last updated: 29.9.2022