Suggest an identifier for the international activities of the University of Oulu

Share your suggestions in our idea competition, and enter a raffle to win one of three 50€ gift cards.
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The University of Oulu’s international affairs team and Talent Boost programme are currently looking into creating an inviting identifier for the university’s international activities. We invite you to share your suggestions in our idea competition!

What is an identifier?

An identifier is used to define a topic in a condensed format. A good identifier takes easily the form of a design, a symbol, and/or a hashtag. An example of an identifier for this purpose could be, for instance, #UniOuluGlobal. But you can surely come up with more intuitive alternatives!

How can I participate?

Every member of the university community is welcome to participate in the idea competition!

Please submit your ideas at the latest on 30 May from the following link:

Suggest an identifier

All suggestions will be entered into a raffle, where three randomly selected participants will each receive a 50€ gift voucher to either a supermarket or a sports store depending on their preference.

Winners will be contacted via email.

For more information, please contact

Last updated: 6.5.2022