In teaching premises, the presenter gets a wired internet connection

The fixed network connection from shared teaching premises will be redirected outside the university network and firewall in the near future. The modification allows student’s or visitor’s own device to be connected to a wired internet connection during presentation situation. ICT services will carry out the necessary network connectivity changes in shared teaching rooms over the next week (week 43).

Until now, the use of the fixed line internet connection in the teaching rooms has only been possible on those devices that are in the Domain Name System of the university. In practice, they are the university's staff laptops. Those presenters who have had their own computer have only been connected to internet via a wireless network. At the same time, when many users of the wireless network (eduroam or panOULU) have been active in or near the teaching room, the connection may have become congested so that slowness has also been visible on the presenter's device.

After the change, a fixed network connection will be available when the presenter's device is wired to the teaching room dock station and through it to the presentation technology. The presenter's device can be his or her own or staff laptop or tablet. The device must have a USB-C or USB-A interface and the DisplayLink capability as follows:

  • UNIV device: On a Windows device operated by ICT Services, the DisplayLink driver is likely already ready. Check it beforehand in Software Center and install the driver from there if necessary.
  • If you want to connect your own Windows device to campus presentation technology, you must have the DisplayLink driver ready. Install the driver before connecting to the dock from
  • If you want to connect your macOS device to campus presentation technology, there should be an application DisplayLink Manager installed and running on your device. Read the instruction: DisplayLink Manager in macOS device (

If you need the university’s internal network services in the teaching rooms, use VPN client (FortiClient or OpenVPN), remote desktops or AVD service in the same way as you do when you work at home. See related instructions:

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Last updated: 19.10.2022