Thank you for your active participation in the discussion events on the Oulu City Campus - the slides of the events

The faculties organised discussion events for staff and students on the City Campus in January-February 2022. In addition, a joint event was organised for the staff of services and separate units. Some 1,500 members of the university community participated in the events, which is about 11 per cent of the entire community.
Esimerkkikuva tulevasta keskustakampuksesta Tehtaankadulta päin.

The events presented a project plan and gathered ideas from staff and students, as well as proposals for solutions to the challenges experienced. In addition, the wishes for community involvement in further planning were heard. The participants had the opportunity to ask questions in a chat or orally to Arto Haverinen, Project Manager of the City Campus project, who is responsible for space planning, the management of faculties and units, and the faculty representatives who participated in the project planning.

Next, the planning office and the event facilitator WSP will compile a summary report of the discussion events. The results will be considered in, for example, the architectural competition and the further planning of the City Campus. The report will be submitted to the university management and the deans at the turn of February and March. The results of the summary report will also be communicated to the community in the university's communication channels.

A second event will be organised for the Faculty of Humanities on 18 February 2022 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm, where community members will also be able to participate in the workshops carried out in other units. The faculty has sent the invitation to the new event to its students and staff by email. The responses of the Faculty of Humanities will also be taken into account in the forthcoming summary.

Solutions were sought for perceived concerns

The discussion was active at all events, and the events showed that the employees and students who participated have a desire to participate in the planning in the future and be heard better. Some of the participants feel that the consultation has so far been insufficient, especially when deciding on the launch of the City Campus project. The discussion highlighted concerns and opportunities related to the City Campus, to which the participants were able to present solutions at the events.

Questions were raised, for example, about the model of three campuses and mobility between the three campuses, the adequacy of calm workstations designed for the City Campus, the sufficiency of parking spaces, appropriate teaching facilities and the preservation of communality. The participants were also concerned about the impact on students' well-being if more teaching is planned to be organised online in the future.

Opportunities included the proximity of the city centre, the proximity of the Raksila and Kontinkangas campuses, better visibility of the university in the urban image, and healthy, safe and adaptable facilities that serve future needs.

Answers to the most common questions concerning the City Campus have been collected, and they are continuously added to the City Campus website at The website also contains a project plan completed in December 2021.

Presentation of the project plan for the Oulu City Campus

Further information: Project Manager Arto Haverinen

The picture shows an exemplary illustration of the Oulu City Campus from the Tehtaankatu direction. An architectural competition will be organized for the site. Picture: Line Architects

Last updated: 11.2.2022