The title Doctoral Researcher to be taken into use at the University of Oulu

In the future, the Doctoral Students at the University of Oulu will be titled Doctoral Researchers (väitöskirjatutkija). Each Doctoral Student can take the new title in use in their own communications immediately. The change will be made to personnel information systems on April 1st, 2022, after which it will be change in other information systems as well. In recruitment, the title Doctoral Researcher will taken into use in new open calls immediately.

The initiative for the change was made by Doctoral Researcher Pauli Väisänen, the chairman of University of Oulu Academics, and Professor Matti Alatalo, the chairman of the Oulu division of the Finnish Union of University Professors. The title change and its details were discussed during the first half of 2021 with the cooperative council, deans and the working committee. As a part of the decision-making process, HR Services conducted a survey to collect views on the possible change. The survey in November 2021 revealed that a majority (51.1%) considered the title Doctoral Researcher as the most suitable title option. The titles were also discussed with faculty boards who were supportive of the change.

Last updated: 28.2.2022