Universities are collecting data of the graduates’ working life

This autumn, around 18,000 university graduates are sent a national career monitoring survey. The survey is sent to graduates who have completed their Master's degree year 2017 and to doctoral graduates who have completed their degrees year 2019.
The survey is conducted since 2004 by Aarresaari Career Services Network of Finnish Universities. This year’s round of career monitoring surveys will be 3.10.-12.12.2022!

Respond the survey and help us to develop education and career at the University of Oulu

The career monitoring survey provides comprehensive information on the labour market position of graduates, career development and the correspondence of their studies with working life. The responses are used, for example, in the development of education and career guidance. The results of the Master’s career monitoring survey also have an impact on universities’ funding. By responding to the survey, alumni can help current and future students in career planning, and every response is valuable.

The results of the Master’s career monitoring survey also have an impact on universities’ funding. From the year 2021, the master's career monitoring survey is tied to the universities' core funding model, and the results of the survey have a direct impact on the funding universities receive from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The amount of funding is affected by the response activity and the points given to the survey questions related to the funding model. The core funding depending by the career monitoring survey for all universities in 2023 is almost 36 million euros.

The graduates will be contacted by text message or letter in October–November. The purpose of career monitoring is to collect information on the first years following graduation. The participating alumni are requested to rate their satisfaction with their academic degree and career to date as well as describe the factors that have influenced their employment. The survey will remain open until 12 December 2022, and the results will be published in 2023.

Universities produce academic experts

According to the results of career monitoring surveys, the most vital skills needed in working life are the ability to learn new skills, self-direction, and initiative. Other important skills include, among other things, collaboration, tolerance of stress and problem-solving. There are field- and job-specific differences in competence needs, but these core academic skills are useful in most jobs.

Eighty-seven percent of university graduates are satisfied with their degree and 87% are satisfied with their career to date. Satisfaction is also reflected in the fact that 89% of respondents would recommend their university education to others.

Check out the results of the career monitoring survey

The results of the universities’ career monitoring survey are publicly available on the Vipunen education statistics service. The Töissä.fi online service supports the career planning of applicants and graduates. It provides a large collection of examples of occupations and job titles and related career stories.

Links to the results

Vipunen.fi (University education – > Career monitoring)

Aarresaari.net: Graduates in working life



More Information

Miia Narkaus and Angela Suorsa, career(at)oulu.fi

Read more about the Career monitoring at the University of Oulu (available only in Finnish)

Last updated: 7.10.2022