Universities outlined remote exams: remote monitoring can be used under precise conditions

The corona year has greatly increased the need for remote exams in universities, and there has also been a public debate about remote monitoring related to exam situations. Finnish higher education institutions have now drawn up common guidelines for organizing the supervision of remote exams.

“The guide explains the requirements of the general data protection regulation GDPR for distance teaching and monitoring. How the student's rights and personal data are protected is essential,” says Vesa-Matti Sarenius, Director of Educational Services at the University of Oulu and Chairman of the National Working Group.

Universities make their own guidelines based on the nationwide draft guidelines. For example, at the University of Oulu, it is recommended to primarily use other assessment methods than remotely supervised distance exam. There must always be an option for a remotely supervised exam. However, video surveillance of remote exams is permitted in accordance with university guidelines and using a defined software.

Last updated: 8.12.2020