University Board of Directors launches vision work for unified campus structure

At its meeting on 24 February 2022, the Board of Directors of the University of Oulu has decided to launch a long-term vision work on the campus entity.

The purpose of the vision work of the campus structure is to explore the conditions to form a campus area as unified as possible for the activities of the University of Oulu in Oulu gradually over the next 25 years. University Board of Directors issued a mandate for the rector to start the necessary preparations for the vision work.

The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu, together with the University's leadership, has a common will to build the campus entity required for the functions of every faculty. This includes the long-term vision and a functional assessment.

“The decision was driven by concerns raised by students and staff about the impact of several campuses on community and interdisciplinarity. Now it will be explored how to respond to the strong desire for a unified campus area. The vision work continues the decisions that the Board of Directors has made in the past regarding the campus issue,” says Juhani Damski, Chair of the Board of Directors.

The Board will address vision work at its upcoming meetings during the spring. At the same time, the Board wishes to thank the Student Union, staff, stakeholders and the City of Oulu for being active. In the future, we will especially pay attention to interaction and stakeholder cooperation.

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Last updated: 25.2.2022