University of Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District prepare a national study on the omalääkäri (personal doctor) model

A familiar doctor for everyone – that is the aim of a national survey launched by the University of Oulu and the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District. The aim of the study commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is to assess and describe how the omalääkäri model could be implemented in combination with the tightening basic-level care guarantee.

The study is being carried out by the Primary Health Care Unit of the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District in cooperation with the University of Oulu’s Public Health Research Unit.

”One of the most important tasks of the new wellbeing services counties that are building their operations is to create a model for primary health care that ensures continuity and access to care,” says Juha Auvinen, project manager of the study and Professor of General Medicine at the University of Oulu.

According to Auvinen, numerous studies and experiences support an omalääkäri model based on continuity of care. ”Continuity of care has a significant positive impact, not only on the quality of healthcare but also on the health of the population. It has been shown to improve patient outcomes and adherence to treatment and even to reduce mortality. Good continuity of care also increases the job satisfaction of health professionals and can facilitate recruitment, for example,” says Auvinen.

From the 1980s to the 2000s, Finland had a widespread system of doctors’ population responsibility system, which has collapsed almost throughout the country, mainly due to under-resourcing in health centres. The current study does not aim to implement the old omalääkäri model, but to find a model that is appropriate to the current environment and that could be implemented in conjunction with the tightening care guarantee. The working group will present a vision for the Omalääkäri 2.0 operating model by mid-August.

Citizens have the opportunity to give their opinion on the omalääkäri model

An open channel has been initiated for citizens to participate in the ongoing study. You can participate by sending your opinion to or by filling in the online form at . The questions on the form are answered anonymously.

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Last updated: 21.6.2022