University of Oulu is looking for an Assistant or Associate Professor in micro-entrepreneurship – applications will be received until 19th November

The University of Oulu Business School and the Kerttu Saalasti Institute has a vacancy for a Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, specialised in Micro-entrepreneurship.
Osa Oulun yliopiston sisäänkäynnin kyltistä

The position is new nationwide. The professorship will strengthen the research, education and social impact of micro-entrepreneurship, connects the University of Oulu even more closely to the field's international research network and creates opportunities to participate in developing the conditions for micro-entrepreneurship throughout the European Economic Area. The professorship also increases understanding of new forms of entrepreneurship and promotes the continuous learning and development of micro-enterprises and sole entrepreneurs.

Tenure track Assistant or Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship, Specialised in Micro-entrepreneurship, will be responsible for the micro-entrepreneurship research and research-based education at the University of Oulu Kerttu Saalasti Institute and Oulu Business school. This new position is part of the national task of micro-entrepreneurship education and research which is an important mission of the University of Oulu.

The professorship will strengthen the societal impact of micro-entrepreneurship research and education. Micro-sized enterprises employing less than 10 people are an important foundation of sustainable and constantly renewing economy. Up to 94% of Finnish companies are micro-enterprises and a quarter of the jobs in all companies in Finland are in micro-enterprises.

The new professorship strengthens the societal impact of research and education in
micro-enterprises, whose success is a prerequisite for Finland's sustainable growth and renewal. Under the professor's leadership, the research activities of micro-entrepreneurship are strengthened and raised to the next level. With the new position, the University of Oulu's online education in micro-entrepreneurship will be developed as part of a customer-oriented continuous learning offering that is independent of time and place. This education supports the diversification and deepening of entrepreneurial skills and the strengthening of competitiveness.

With the micro-entrepreneurship professorship, in addition to regional and national
impact, the goal is to strengthen the global impact of micro-entrepreneurship research and education. At the European level, increasing the effectiveness of research and education means both networking and concrete research and education cooperation. From the perspective of research cooperation, we invest in research projects that have an impact on the European level and in building a virtual network of researchers.

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Last updated: 7.11.2023