University of Oulu prepares for power cuts – follow these instructions

Due to electricity shortages, the University of Oulu is preparing for both expected and unexpected power cuts. We will inform you of any power cuts as soon as we receive the information.

In the event of an unexpected power cut, you can wait for about 15–30 minutes to see if it is a passing problem. After this, if possible, go home or elsewhere to continue your studies. The teacher of each course will inform you of the arrangement or replacement of studies according to the schedule.

It is allowed to wait for the end of the power outage in the campus premises until the lobby service staff starts emptying the premises. Please note that normal lighting, ventilation and heating will be out of service and the university’s internal data networks will not be functioning. You should avoid flushing toilets and using water. In addition, there may be problems in telephone traffic in the power cut areas or the connection may be lost completely. Flashlights or mobile phone lights can be used to allow safe movement.

Doors equipped with access control operate on batteries for 2–4 hours, after which the doors operate with mechanical keys. The doors on the emergency exits can always be opened for exit.

If possible, students and staff will be informed about power cuts in person by e-mail. In addition to e-mail, students should follow the website and the Tuudo app. If you are a staff member, please read more detailed instructions on the staff intranet Patio (requires log-in).

What to do in the event of an unexpected power cut:

  • Wait for about 15–30 minutes to see if the power comes back on and/or if more information is available.
  • Move calmly in the dark and use your mobile phone light, for example.
  • Help others move safely, too.
  • Do not flush toilets or use water.
  • Do not use a lift if there is the risk of a power cut.
  • Follow your e-mail and other university communication channels for instructions.

As a general precaution, it is good to keep your mobile phone and laptop well charged.

For more information, please contact:

At home, too, it is good to be prepared for power cuts and to acquire light sources that are independent of electricity. Read about being prepared to manage for 72 hours

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Last updated: 15.12.2022