The University of Oulu provides free training in medical device regulation to match the needs of the growing industry

Health technology and biomedical engineering are growing fields in Northern Finland. The sector is undergoing a transformation affected by the EU regulation on medical devices, the digitalization of healthcare and the explosive growth of artificial intelligence-based methods. The University of Oulu now offers free training to update the knowledge regarding the recent development in the field.

With the development of medical technology, most of the information, documentation and information exchange connected to healthcare pathways are in digital form. The data is processed in extensive digital information systems. However, interfaces of multiple information systems used by social welfare and health care create a challenge for the industry. Data security plays an important role in transferring sensitive health information between digital systems and applications.

The number of companies and other operators utilizing the digital health information is constantly increasing both in Finland and globally. However, industrial players encounter the challenge of getting medical devices and algorithms accepted. This time-consuming and expensive process requires expertise in recent legislation. Similarly, the know-how of the unique Finnish legislation on the secondary use of health and social data is needed.

“Understanding the medical device regulation and quality management are supporting pillars of a successful company,” emphasizes OuluHealth Network Director Minna Komu from BusinessOulu.

Medical Device Regulation and Quality Management training module answers to the increasing need for expertise in medical device regulation and quality systems. The training module offers a clear set of learning material to be effortlessly studied at one’s own pace.

Rapidly growing industry needs employees

Several new companies utilizing digital health information have been established in Oulu area. They utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to produce much-needed information to guide and enhance patient care. Additionally, there are remarkable health technology companies in Oulu area which offer people interested in their well-being ways to track their health. This may enable early disease detection and prevention in the future. The companies in this field need expertize and new talents. The University of Oulu wants to respond to the need with this training module open for everyone interested.

An extensive package of expertize in easy reach digital form

There is a plenty of know-how on digital healthcare beneficial to national operators. DigiHealth training module crystallizes one of the biggest profile fields of the University of Oulu (digital health, DigiHealth) and enables the know-how to be reached by anyone.

In addition to medical device regulation and data security, the study module offers extensive insight into digital healthcare basics, applications, development as well as health data modelling and utilization as a part of anticipatory and supporting healthcare. Specialists from different fields form a versatile group of lecturers.

This training is targeted at specialists in biomedical engineering and health technology, those specializing in this field as well as healthcare professionals working with the information systems. The training module is open and free of charge for anyone interested.

Teaching is implemented as easily accessible online courses supported by interesting optional workshop modules eg. visits to hospital district’s laboratories and companies in the field. Thanks to close-knit cooperation, new specialists will find their place in working life.

DigiHealth training module:

  • Studies are mainly targeted at specialists in health and wellness technology and biomedical engineering as well as healthcare professionals working with the information systems
  • The goal is to strengthen the know-how of the specialists in the field
  • Training module is free of charge
  • Studies take place between 3/2022 – 3/2023 (some courses can be studied with one’s own pace)
  • Online studies in Moodle plus optional modules (visits to hospital district’s laboratories and companies in the field)

Registration opens in February 2022,
studies start in March 2023

DigiHealth module includes following courses:

  • Basics in eHealth, 5 ECTS credits
  • Connected Health and mHealth, 5 ECTS credits
  • Principles of Machine Learning in Medicine, 5 ECTS credits
  • Medical Device Regulation and Quality Management, 5 ECTS credits
  • Biosignal processing, 5 ECTS credits

The training module totals 25 ECTS credits. It is also possible to complete separate courses (5 ECTS cr).

*Edited 2/2024: Please note that DigiHealth study modul was offered in 2023 and is no longer available.

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Last updated: 22.2.2024