University of Oulu strengthens the training of cyber security experts

As digitalisation deepens and spreads to new areas of life, the need to ensure and safeguard its operations also increases.

The University of Oulu strengthens the training of cyber security experts. It is estimated that several thousand of them are already missing from working life. The training will focus on the technical competence needed to ensure cyber security.
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The main objective of the expanding education is for those specialising in cyber security to be able to design, develop, test and evaluate cyber secure systems, software and devices in a constantly changing digital environment.

"There is a great need for cyber security education. For example, a recent study by the University of Jyväskylä indicates that there is too little education in the field and it does not meet the needs of industry. The same has also been observed at the University of Oulu, and now Master of Science (Technology) students are given the opportunity to focus on it,” says Kimmo Halunen, Professor of Cyber Security responsible for education.

In practice, training will be offered to students from next spring as an area of specialisation in the Master's degree programme in information technology at the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. You can also apply to study the field of cyber security at the University of Oulu in the joint application process of next spring through applications for information technology study programmes.

"Research related to cyber security has been carried out at the University of Oulu for 25 years. The training relies strongly on it and therefore focuses on strengthening technical competence. I hope the field will interest young people because the employment prospects are good," Halunen continues.

The purpose of the training is for the student to learn different ways of analysing the cyber security of devices, software and systems by utilising many different tools and methods. The training also includes research on the safety of broader complex systems from the perspective of people and processes.

Graduates may work in companies and other organisations as experts in planning and implementing cyber security, as individual vulnerability researchers or in training tasks in the field.

Cyber security refers to the security of a digital and networked society or organisation and its impact on their activities.

For the time being, there is little cyber security teaching at Finnish universities. The University of Jyväskylä has a Master's programme in cyber security in connection with computer science.

According to Kimmo Halunen, the reason for the scarcity of education in the field is that we have not awakened in time to the growing need for cyber security in the society.

"Globally, digitalisation has progressed faster than cyber security has developed. As there are more and more digital systems, there is also more room for damage. If we do not achieve better cyber security, we will not achieve a better world through digitalisation or a secure digital environment. This is why we need training, research and business activities in the field," he says.

Last updated: 17.10.2022