University supports well-being during global crises

In our multicultural academic community, global conflicts and wars have a widespread impact. Conflicts are extremely difficult and distressing, particularly for those students and staff members who have connections to crisis areas. Most recently, the unsustainable situation in Gaza has caused deep concern within our community. We condemn violence, war crimes and human rights violations. We hope for peaceful resolutions to conflicts around the world, both near and far.

The university must provide a safe environment for all students and staff, regardless of their background. We understand the importance of addressing global issues and encourage open and respectful dialogue among our community members. Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, racism and other forms of discrimination are not acceptable under any circumstances at our university.

The university is a research and teaching institution. In geopolitical conflicts, we join statements issued by the Finnish state or Rectors’ Council of Finnish Universities. We keep the public premises of the university free from demonstrations, slogans and banners. The university's official communication channels refrain from publishing content related to geopolitical conflicts. By doing this, we respect the diversity of thought in our university community and enable a peaceful environment for both studying and working on our campuses.

We want to support the well-being of our community and respond to current concerns and needs. In recent years, the university has organised community events in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the unrest in Iran, the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, and the war in Gaza. The purpose of the community events is to support the well-being of students and staff in crisis situations. The events are based on peer support, and they can be organised for new groups who are affected by crises. Community events should not be considered as replacement for health care or mental health services or counselling, but rather they provide first aid for communities affected by unexpected crises.

Students and staff members can access several different services designed to support their well-being:

Community events (staff and students), Kaisa Karhu (
Mehiläinen (staff), more information on intranet Patio
Auntie - easy access wellbeing service (staff), more information on intranet patio
FSHS (students) +358 46 710 1073
University chaplain Ari Savuoja (staff and students) +358 40 524 5919 /
Oulu crisis centre +358 44 3690 500
MIELI Crisis Helpline +358 9 2525 0116
Oulu University hospital, medical helpline for emergencies 116 117

Last updated: 23.4.2024