The University’s diversity, equity and inclusion actions for 2024-2025 have been published

The University of Oulu Equality and diversity plan 2024-2025 has been published. The plan includes seven development actions which will be in particular focus during the current and coming years.

The actions are:

  1. Diversity must be considered when members of workgroups are appointed.
  2. Promoting and increasing discussion, training and communication on equality and diversity.
  3. Developing equal recruitment and increasing the number of women in leadership positions.
  4. Increasing participation of international employees and students by developing multilingual practices in particular.
  5. Promoting equal pay and pay awareness.
  6. Bolstering a family-positive operating culture.
  7. Improving racism detection and prevention.

The Equality and diversity plan was formulated by the University’s Equality and Diversity Committee. The university community as well as external stakeholders, such as the city of Oulu, were included in the planning of the actions. The Committee conducted two online surveys and three coffee sessions to gather feedback and suggestions for diversity, equity and inclusion actions.

In the coming months, equality and non-discrimination efforts will include staff training as well as Equality Day (March 19) and Anti-Racism Day (March 21) programmes.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at the University of Oulu

Last updated: 22.1.2024