The university's operating profit for 2021 is 32 million euros

The Board of Directors of the University of Oulu has approved the financial statements of the University of Oulu and the University Group for 2021. The University's operating profit for the financial year is EUR 32,158,990.12 and the Group's operating profit is EUR 33,949,194.51.

The financial statements and annual report of the University of Oulu are published in accordance with the Universities Act after the University Collegium has approved the financial statements.

The University of Oulu is running a fundraising campaign related to Sitra's matched funding. Sitra capitalizes universities with a total of EUR 66.6 million in relation to the private capital raised by universities. The aim of the University of Oulu's campaign is to maximize the collection result and the state's contribution based on it.

“This is a significant opportunity to strengthen the research and education of the University of Oulu. We have already raised a total of more than 3.5 million euros from foundations and companies as well as individuals,” says Kati Ketola, the university's liaison manager.

The Sitra match funding period will continue until the end of June.

Last updated: 28.4.2022